We've created this FAQ section to help answer some of your questions. If you need to contact us, go to our Contact page.

Do I need a membership to join events?

Non-members can join events we advertise, at our non-member price. Events have limited spaces available, and registration is advertised to our members first.

Our members save an average of $150 annually compared to non-members ($10-$15 for each event we offer), receive exclusive discounts and offers, get notification of all new events, and receive exclusive content and offers through our members-only page!

We rely on memberships to sustain what we do - thanks for your support!

I registered for An Event and Can't Make It:

You must communicate with the event organizer regarding any changes in your attendance. Our no show policy is stated when signing up for an activity which participants confirm and agree to during registration. Check your registration confirmation email details for your event's contact information.

Who are backcountry women events for?

Our events are exclusively for adult women 18+ (and define “women” broadly to include individuals who identify as cisgender, transgender, femme/feminine, genderqueer and non-binary).

We provide the opportunity for women connect with fellow like-minded outdoors women while leaving other roles behind for a little while. Connecting with community and your surroundings outdoors is a great way to practice self-care, and our activities provide this opportunity. 

Why Choose Backcountry Women?

Like the diversity of the Manitoba landscape, our Backcountry Women Advocates bring a wealth of experience, skills, and interests to the events and activities that are created for you. A number of our Advocates are certified Field Leaders through the Outdoor Council of Canada, or have experience leading in the outdoors and have learned about:

  • Combining the right activity with the right people for both safety and enjoyment
  • Complex challenges and unexpected situations that can arise while in the outdoors 
  • Environmental responsibility
Backcounty Women is Manitoba-born and we know our "backyard" best. All trails, campsites, and facilities are inspected by our Advocates within a minimum of 12-months of an event taking place. Our Advocates are knowledgeable and experienced with the area they are leading in. As individual and unique as all of our Advocates are, you will notice consistences among the planning and safety policies to bring you the best events possible. 

Backcountry Women wants to grow more outdoor leaders and enthusiasts through our Backcounty Women Empowerment Fund. This fund will be used to help women acquire gear, attend events, and participate in outdoor leadership courses. Please stay tuned for more details! 


It depends! We asses the appropriateness of having a dog join an activity based on a number of factors and will state in the event description if we are allowing dogs to join. Our activities are participant focused and we want the best experience for everyone. If a participant does not want a dog(s) to attend due to fear or allergies, Backcounty Women will respect that request and ask that participants keep their dog(s) at home.

When dogs are allowed to join, there are rules that we enforce. For example, dog(s) must be kept on a leash and in the participant’s control at all times, unless in a designated off-leash area in a dog park — and then only if the dog reliably responds under voice commands; this is to ensure the safety of all participants, dogs and the general public. We reserve the right, at the group leader’s sole discretion, to request owners of dogs who show behavior of concern to refrain from attending.

Contacting organizers & sending Facebook messages in regards to events:

Event attendees are responsible for having a valid e-mail address and for checking e-mail prior to an event. After registering for an event, you will automatically receive an email confirmation and reminders with any further details (be sure to check your spam!). Please save these emails in a separate email folder in case you need to refer to them later or contact the organizer! Organizers will also provide their personal cell numbers in case of urgent day-of matters.

You must contact the organizer if you can no longer attend; be sure to provide sufficient notice so that the organizer doesn't miss your email. Please do not use a Facebook message to contact an organizer.

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